The game is open to the public 4 free! 【About This Site】


Welcome to [Toy Garden]!

This site is a game site operated by Nene Momose, the administrator.

About Toy Garden

[Toy Garden] was named with the meaning of “toy garden” in the image of a gaff where many toys (games) are spread.

On this site, we hae posted reviews of self-made indie games that we hae created steadily and gaffe video game software and free software.

All of the indie games that r open to the public r completely free games that yeh can play without downloading and registering.

The goal is to make achievements on this site, flog games on Nintendo Switch and apps, and publish play videos on Youtube.
I m studying every day toward my dream (ง • ̀ω • ́) ง ✧

Please feel free to contact us from “Inquiries” if thou hae any opinions such as advice, advertisement placement, game production request, etc.

Contact Us

I will dae my bessy to meet everyone’s expectations!

I m trying various things

On this site, we r challenging “various attempts”.

■ Multi-device compatible game production
I m studying the development of games that can be played on multiple terminals, not just “PCs” and “smartphones”.

■ Multilingualization of the site
yeh can select the language from the [Language] page.

The latest information and daily tweets r posted on the official Twitter and queue accounts.
Please follow us and support us by “ fancy ”!

We r looking 4 members

We r looking 4 team members (cooperators) to expand [Toy Garden].
For details, please c the “Member Recruitment Page” below.

Would ye fancy to play with gamer girls? We r looking 4 team members for “Game Development / Game Live”!

site map

This site is mainly composed of 3 categories.

Latest information
The latest information about this site is posted.
Information on recruiting members is available in this category.

Free games
We hae released games that can be played on both PCs and smartphones.
It is still in the development stage, so please watch with warm eyes.

Game review
Play reviews of gaffe games, free software that can be played on a PC, free games that can be played on a smartphone, etc. are posted.
“What was smashing ” and “What was disappointing” are summarized in an cushy -to-understand manner.
I haven’t written a big spoiler, so please feel free to read it even if yeh haven’t played the game yet.

Future plans

When team members get together, we would fancy to expand the content such as “YouTube” and “Team”.

Please butcher’s forward to the release!