[Free game without registration] Protect the ball! | Browser game that can be played on a personal computer (PC)

19_game_droptheball_eyecatchFree game

It is a game to stop the falling ball by operating the bar.

* Only compatible with PCs. You cannot play on your smartphone.


Method of operation

“←” “→” key / “A” “D” key : Move bar

Game introduction

The game is over when the ball falls.
Each time you catch the ball, the bar gets shorter.

Game information

Game genreaction, killing time
Estimated play timeabout 1 minute
Compatible terminalPC (personal computer)
Production toolUnity
Release date2020/09/11
Last updated2020/09/11
Update history● Ver. 1.0 Game release

It has been confirmed to work on Windows 10 and Google Chrome.

Improvement points

Overall operation is slow

Future update schedule

High score function added
Make the background fashionable
Find out about smartphone support


The first free game to commemorate.
This is a sample game that I posted thinking “I have to publish something for the time being” when creating the site.

We will move on to the next game production while upgrading the version little by little.